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If gods were real, what effect would immortality have? And to what lengths would they go to feel human again?

Vita is the leader of a secret realm of people able to channel Light, a powerful force with both healing and destructive powers. For 5,000 years, she was the strongest immortal, using Light to insulate herself from pain and inconvenience. Cocooned in this artificial eden–a place without want–she lost her passion for living. Now a new immortal, Jack Driver, has emerged with power equal to her own, invigorating a growing resistance to her rule. To preserve her crown and way of life, Vita must forgo her comforts and reenter the world, questioning who she is and what she wants from her endless life.

Jack, a civil-rights attorney in modern-day New York, detests his power–or says he does. His childhood encounters with other immortals taught him the Light inside him was evil, a malignancy to be ignored if not destroyed. When Vita finds him and they begin a romance, he realizes reality is not so black-and-white. Only by accepting his power can he claim his destiny, fighting with Vita or against her for the better world he craves.


The novel placed top 5 out of over 600 entries in The Gutsy Great Novelist Page One Prize


Poison of Eden is a 119,000-word contemporary fantasy/sci-fi novel, appealing to readers of Middlegame, No Gods No Monsters, and The Scholomance series. It is the first installment of the series Vita Aeterna.

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