The Characters

"Time is infinitely long. Once you accept that, you must accept
that all life is indefinitely short."



The "sleeping queen" of the immortal people, Vita has retreated from the world and her responsibilities. When rivals emerge, she must reinvigorate herself, accepting her innate humanity, her need for others, and her place in the modern era.

Even in New York, surrounded by countenances from every corner of the planet, people stared at her, asking where she was from, guessing and failing, because they guessed only places, whereas she was from not just a place but a time that was long extinct.



    Born with power and immortality he didn't understand, Jack's early encounters with Vita's people taught him that the Light inside him was evil, a malignancy to be ignored and extinguished. Once he meets Vita and enters her world, he realizes reality is not quite so simple.

    “I’m tired. You call me a newborn, but I don’t feel new. I feel old. Disappointed. Lonely. Then you tell me I could be a god. And I want it. You don’t know how much I want it. But it’s wrong.”



    Vita's primary adviser and closest friend, Eldwyn has been leading her people while she slumbered. His complicated feelings for Vita make it difficult to accept Jack and his potential place by her side.

    How many flavors did his face possess? She’d tasted them all–bursts of laughter, flashes of rage, waves of quiet boredom. She imagined those crystal eyes open again, beckoning her, flaring in jealousy, sharing an inside joke, closing in ecstacy. How often had she cursed this man, kissed him, held his hand, felt the warmth of his arms or the prickle of his unshaven face? 


    A member of The Light's Guard, Katia is sent by the palace to control and maintain Jack's threat. In the process, she loses someone she loves. Will she betray her own people for the chance to find him again?

    She’d been destined for a different kind of life. A luxurious one. Maybe even a fun one. She’d almost had it.



    Vita's eldest son and a convicted death peddler, Rajaan has perfected the art of raising the dead for profit.

    Now, rich in fortune and technology,

    he's willing to kill anyone who impedes his path to Vita's throne.

    “Slaves. Humans. Immortals. Who among us is free? Even the heads of the great immortal families cannot choose how to run their own houses. They must abide first by the human laws of their area and then the rules set by the Sleeping Queen. In the end, only she is free. Only she does what she pleases. I’m advocating for freedom–freedom for a powerful immortal to choose how he runs his own family and, ultimately, freedom to change the world.”