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Parallel Lines


Eden (a place without want) is its own kind of Hell. Thank god Eve escaped.

"The palace–and everything in it–was exquisite. There was no bad perspective, no awkward corner, no dust, no wear, no age. Wherever he’d gone that week, he scanned his surroundings, searching for some imperfection that might make it okay for him to leave or okay for him to stay. But he’d found none. That lack of error was its fatal flaw."

JACK: “They hate me. They think I’m the poison apple, here to cast you from Eden. They don’t see. It’s Eden that’s the poison. The apple is just your escape.” 

Change & Reinvention

"In her eyes, Vita saw more than the determination of one woman. She saw seven billion humans, sprinting from start line to finish. In their stampede, they decided the course of the race. What choice did she have but to succumb, to be swallowed up and carried forward in their flow? Because she could not stop it. She never could."

"She was from a harder era, a time when suffering and cruelty could not be wished away, only adapted for one’s own purposes, a period when harsh rulers were admired and soft ones found the sharp edge of the sword. Now the rules had changed. Those qualities Vita once sought to achieve were out of style."
VITA: “Life is too long, dear. If I stand in one place, I’ll sink into the ground.”
EOS: “It sounds like you don’t want to be happy.”
VITA: “I like my happiness better when I find it, when I make it with my own hands. Sometimes I like it when the ground shakes beneath me.”

Connection & Vulnerability

VITA: “You hold your father and I to the wrong standards. You wore a shield as soon as you were blinked out of my belly. Once you were old enough to comprehend death, you already knew it had nothing to do with you. Your father and I were born to mortals. When we were young, we didn’t have shields. We feared death every day. We stayed alive only through vigilance and cunning, fear and anxiety. We lived on the threshold between life and death, just as humans do. Sometimes I think our shields are a poison–stripping away our fear, setting us apart, eroding our humanity.”

VITA: “It's the hardest and truest test of our humanity: connecting, despite when, where, and to whom we were born, recognizing those similar strands of human experience that weave through us all."
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